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Udaigiri is one part of Ratnagiri-Lalitgiri-Udaigiri Buddhist triangle. Langudi Hills at Udaigiri is another Buddhist destination at Udaigiri. Udaigiri at Orissa boasts to have a rare reservoir of Buddhist relics.
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Lalitgiri, UdayagiriAs excavations continue, more and more Buddhist complexes are coming into light. One of these is the Buddhist complex at Udayagiri. Recent excavations done by the Archaeological Survey of India in the state of Orissa (Kalinga in the ancient times) prove that in the distant past there existed a monastery by the name Madhavapura Mahavihara. The monastery comprises of a number of Buddhist sculptures that are worth seeing and experiencing. The whole area lies at the foot of a hill that forms an impressive backdrop. Historians state that the monasteries date back between the 7th and 12th centuries AD. More excavations are on the cards as the region seems to be a major Buddhist site. Art lovers, history buffs, researchers and travellers from all part of India and the world flock to the place to gain an insight into the history of Buddhism.

Location & Climate
Udayagiri lies in the eastern Indian state of Orissa and is the largest Buddhist complex of the state. The town lies at a distance of 6 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. Udayagiri experiences a coastal climate. Summers are mild and winters are comfortable. So, there are no extremes in the temperature and one can visit the town just anytime of the year.

Udayagiri forms the Buddhist Triangle along with Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri. The famous Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang paid a visit to Orissa (Kalinga in the past) was taken aback to see the University of Puspagiri under the Buddhist complex. He later mentioned the existence of a number of Buddhist monasteries in the region.

» Buddhist Complex : Udayagiri is located just a few kilometres from Ratnagiri. Recent excavations have resulted in rediscovering a sprawling Buddhist complex here. The huge complex comprised of many monasteries and stupas. The remains of the complex that include brick monasteries, brick stupas, various sculptures and ancient inscriptions are truly a worth seeing and experiencing.

» Ratnagiri : Ratnagiri was an important centre of Buddhism. The Buddhist monks practised Vajrayana, the Tantric form of Buddhism, here. The place served as a major Buddhist centre between the 6th and the 12th centuries. Here, one can see numerous images of Lord Buddha and other Buddhist deities.

» Lalitgiri : Lalitgiri is a window to the Buddhist faith that flourished here from 3rd century BC to the 15th century BC. The remains excavated here include large brick-built monasteries, stupas and chaitya halls. The ASI Museum at Lalitgiri also gives an interesting insight into the Buddhist history. At the museum, you can see Mahayana sculptures and life-size images that bear inscriptions from the past.Langudi, Udayagiri

» Langudi Hills : Langudi Hills is yet another important Buddhist site in the state of Orissa. Archaeological discoveries have unearthed some crucial remains of the Buddhist art here. The remains include two inscribed images of king Ashoka. In one of the images, Ashoka can be seen alone while in the other he poses with two of his queens.

Accommodation Options
Bhubaneswar is a few minutes drive from Udayagiri. The capital city has a number of stay options ranging from luxury to economy class hotels. Rooms of the hotel are well furnished and the services are world class. Some popular hotels of the city are as follows.

Hotels in Udayagiri
¤ Hotel Trident Hilton (5 Star)
¤ Hotel Oberoi (5 Star)
¤ Hotel Sishmo (4 Star)
¤ The Crown (3 Star)
¤ Mayfair Lagoon (3 Star)

Bhubaneswar (6 km from Udayagiri), the capital of Orissa, has its own airport with connecting flights to places like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad etc. Rail route is also well established. The railway station has regular express trains linking with some of the key destinations like Kolkata, Puri, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Tirupati and Trivandrum. An excellent road network connects Bhubaneswar to the major cities and towns of the state and the country.

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