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Padavleni Caves are near Nasik, house 24 Viharas and 3 Chaityas. 27 inscriptions also have been found here carved out. Visit this place to have a glimpse of the mastery of artists.
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Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni CavesThis is a group of Hinayana Buddhists and Jain Caves which was carved with the funds of Jain Kings, between 1st century BC. And 2nd century AD. These are located on a tableland on Trirashmi Hill in the mountains of Pandavleni, 8 km south of Nasik in Maharashtra.

There are 24 Viharas and 3 Chaityas in these caves. Cave No. 3, a large Vihara or monastery, has some beautiful sculpture. Cave No. 10 is almost same but much older and finer in detail. It, along with Cave No. 18, are Viharas or monasteries. Gautamiputra Vihara, Nahapana Vihara and Mahayana Vihara are rated the best among all of them.

The caves also have the statue of Jain Tirthankara Vrishabhdeva besides the statues of Buddha, the icons of Boddhisatva, Veer Manibhadraji and Ambikadevi. These caves were used to deliver the sermons to the desciples. Attractive water tanks have also been carved out in these caves.

These caves house 27 inscriptions, belonging to Satvahana and Kushana period. The inscriptions in caves no. 3, 11 to 15, 19 & 20 are readable. No. 15 talks about last King Shri Yad. Some inscriptions have also mentioned Bhatt Palika, Satkarni, Pulumavi and other kings. No. 16 is a high-rise Vihara which has 16 rooms in it. One interesting thing about these caves is that these are believed to be dug out by Pandavas (Mythological Warrior Brothers) during their Vanavasa(Shelter in the woods).

Some caves are well-connected with other caves through stone-cut ladders starting from the bottom of the hill. You can also access the peak of the hill in 20 minutes by trekking but it may be risky.

The oldest historical place in Nasik is Trirashmi Leni. This is also known as Pandav Caves ort the Caves of Pandavas. But contrary to the popular belief , the images here don't belong to Pandavas but to Buddha.

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