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Buddhist Information Guide informs you About Buddhism and origin and principles of Buddhism. Buddhist History & Culture, Buddhist Festivals, Buddhist Architecture and Buddhist Monasteries are in this Buddhist Information Guide.
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Stressing upon the moral values and attempting to create a deeper sense of understanding among the humans, Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion. This system of beliefs has dharma or truth as its essence and it encourages people, throughout the world, to observe equality and respect life in all its forms. Though there are various sects of Buddhism and the emphasis varies from country to country depending upon the customs and cultures prevailing, the basic concept always remains the same.

Why Buddhism is gaining more and more renown across the globe is solely because it is not a fixed package of beliefs which one needs to follow in its entirety. Instead, the faith comes as a form of teaching which a person learns, experiences and applies in his life to attain Nirvana, the ultimate freedom.

We present to you a complete key to Buddhism furnishing all the important information that you may need to gain an insight into the system and thus develop a scientific and spiritual outlook about life to respond wisely and skilfully to a number of situations that you come visa vis.

Lord Buddha
The word Buddhism is coined from 'budhi' meaning 'to awaken'. And truly so, the religion attempts to make people aware, experience, learn and then respond wisely to a number of situations that fate might have in store.

Stupa, Sanchi
Buddhism has a history dating back 2,500 years. It all began with the birth of prince Siddhartha who later came to be known as Buddha, the enlightened one. Though it had its foundation in India, it also added to its domain Central Asian, East Asian and Southeast Asian cultural elements.

Lord Buddha
Siddharta Gautama, founder of Buddhism was born at Lumbini in the southern Nepal. At the age of 35, he gained enlightenment and became popular as Lord Buddha. Though Buddha was immensely accepted during his lifetime and the number of adherents continued to grow, it was only during the royal patronages of kings and rulers that added up to its domain.

Buddhist Monk
Buddhism is a non-theistic religion and an accumulation of philosophic ideas, that are a result of a prolonged experience. Buddhism means the 'teaching of the awakened one'. And truly so, this system of beliefs arouses and prepares one to respond wisely to the numerous adversities and situations that may arise in one's life.

The Great Stupa
The Indian architectural brilliance and the worthy efforts of the master craftsmen of the bygone eras can never be complete without the excellent pieces of Buddhist architecture. Tourists and devotees from far and wide pour into the country to visit the Buddhist sites and experience the architecture that represents Buddhism.

Buddhist Monasteries
Being the birthplace of this system of belief, India today boasts of a number of Buddhist sites that are scattered all around in the country. Most importantly, the state of Bihar is a prominent site of Buddhist pilgrimage. Leh-Ladakh is strewn with numerous ancient monasteries. States of Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim are the other worth visiting sites.

Hemis Monastery - Festival - Maks Dance
The Buddhist community celebrates many festivals in India to remind themselves of Lord Buddha and his noble message that reached to far off countries across the globe. The celebrations are seen to be linked with Lord Buddha and the Bodhisattvas who abide on the earth until everyone else is liberated.

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Buddha Statue
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