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Buddhist destinations include Bodh Gaya where Buddha attained enlightenment, Nalanda, a famous university, Sarnath, his demise at Kushinagar, Leh-Ladakh strewn with Buddhist gompas, famous stupa at Sanchi and Buddhist complex at Udayagiri.
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Buddhist Destinations in India

The history of Buddhism is as old as 2,500 years. Though this substantial system of beliefs had its genesis in India, it conveyed its noble teachings and philosophies across the globe. India has been a birthplace of a number of major religions of the world. And it is this eclectic mix of cultures that India take pride in and that makes India a uniquely wonderful land on the surface of the earth. India, from one corner to the other, is replete with Buddhist stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars. Hordes of tourists and travellers from far and wide flock to the country to gain an insight into the history of Buddhism. States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Mahrashtra and Madhya Pradesh are home to a number of significant Buddhist destinations.

Lord Buddha
The exotic town of Bodhgaya is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Devotees and tourists flock to Bodhgaya from far and wide such as from countries like Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Bhutan, Tibet and Japan. These countries have established numerous monastic settlements here.

Nalanda Gedige
Since Buddhism was born on the Indian soil, the country is replete with Buddhist sites and pilgrimages. Nalanda is one such destination that gives an insight into the origin and the development of Buddhism in India. Established in the 5th century AD, Nalanda is famous for its university, which is among the most ancient universities of the world.

Stupa, Sarnath
A Buddhist pilgrimage is never complete without a trip to Sarnath. Lord Buddha, after being enlightened at Bodhgaya, travelled to Sarnath to preach his message. It is Sarnath where he delivered his first sermon to his disciples and adherents.

Nirvana Temple, Kushinagar
Kushinagar (Previously known as Kushinara) has the distinction of being one of the four most sacred Buddhist sites in India. It is the site where Lord Buddha left for his eternal abode. The place is home to a number of viharas, monasteries and temples built by the countries like China and Japan.

Monasteries, Leh - Ladakh
The Buddhist community, their religious sites and their exotic lifestyle makes Ladakh a must-see destination for travellers and the Buddhist followers from across the globe. Leh, the capital town of Ladakh, is strewn with ancient Buddhist gompas or monasteries. The profusion of the monasteries imparts a rare spiritual charm to the place.

Stupa, Sanchi
Whether a Buddhist by faith or not, Sanchi is a name that perhaps everyone must have heard of. Devotees, tourists, researchers and historians flock to Sanchi year after year to gain an insight into the way of life called Buddhism. Sanchi is an accumulation of Buddhist stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars.

Buddhist Monk
As excavations continue, more and more Buddhist complexes are coming into light. One of these is the Buddhist complex at Udayagiri. Recent excavations done by the Archaeological Survey of India in the state of Orissa (Kalinga in the ancient times) prove that in the distant past there existed a monastery by the name Madhavapura Mahavihara.

Peace Pagoda - Dhauli
Dhauli changed the course of history of Asia transforming Ashoka totally. Who knows if the same happens with you? So, pay your visit to the place and have the glimpse of the oldest rock-cut sculpture in India and Peace Pagoda, a sublime peace of art.

Ashokan Pillar - Kaushambi
Kaushambi was one of the six main cities of ancient India in northern India, even before the Buddha’s period. Buddha passed his 6th and 9th year at this place. Many archeological remains at Allahabad museum and the site itself still attract the attention of tourists.

Lalitgiri - Orissa
This hill, Lalitgiri, is one part of a Buddhist Triangle of pilgrimages at Orissa. Lalitgiri came out of a very long seclusion after some startling archaeological findings including the relics of Lord Buddha himself. This university of bygone era still spurs visitors' spirit of inquiry.

Birthplace of Buddha - Lumbini
The birthplace of Lord Buddha-Lumbini- is one of the four most important Buddhist pilgrimages in the world. This place has the rarest historical remains as the sacred Garden, Ashokan Pillar, and Pushkarni Pool to name a few.

Lord Buddha at Mc Leod Ganj
Mc Leod Ganj belongs to His Holiness Dalai Lama. He has been residing here for decades. Tsuglagkhang-main Buddhist temple here-is a major tourist spot besides the library and archives of Buddhism. Come here with our assurance to you of a memorable trip.

Just after the attainment of enlightenment, Buddha came to Rajgir. This place still houses the remains of the historical moments as Griddhakuta, Venu Vana Monastery, Ajatshatru Fort etc. So, visit the place soon, otherwise you may also regret like Fa-Hien.

Maha Vairocana - Ratnagiri
Ratnagiri is another part of the diamond-triangle of Buddhist pilgrimages in Orissa. Many monuments and relics found at the hillock prove that the place remained a major centre of Buddhism for centuries. The place is attracting a lot of tourists for the last few years.

Budha Dharam Stambh - Sankisa
Sankisa is the place where Buddhas descend to the earth. Gautam Buddha also descended from heaven here after preaching his mother for three months. He gave sermons to his disciples for months at Sankasia. Ashokan pillar highlights the importance of the place well

Sravasti is included among eight most important Buddhist pilgrimages in the world. The remnants of Jetavana Vihara still exist here, where Lord Buddha passed his 24 Vassavasa (Rain Retreats). Tourists and devotees keep on visiting the place throughout the year.

Budha Stupa - Vaishali
The capital of world's first republic-Vaishali- was the place of where Buddha hinted his disciples about his imminent Mahaparinirvana. Many old stupas known for having Buddha's mortal remains and an Ashokan pillar are the main attractions here.

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