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You should know About Buddhism. Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Religion are One solution by One Man with A Vision. Anyone is Welcome to know the Basic Concept of Buddhism.
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About Buddhism

Lord BuddhaBuddhism has its adherents in millions all around the world. The word Buddhism is coined from 'budhi' meaning 'to awaken'. And truly so, the religion, that has a 2500-year-old history, attempts to make people aware, experience, learn and then respond wisely to a number of situations that fate might have in store. Founder Lord Buddha himself attained enlightenment at the age of 35. His followers began to grow in number with the passage of time. Buddha commenced on a mission to preach his noble and godly thoughts to the whole world. Even the rulers and kings of those times surrendered to the philosophy of life Buddha set forth. The convincing and satisfying truths of life took people by storm and they established it in the form of a religion.

Buddhism - A Philosophy Rather Than A Religion
Today, in this modern day world, Buddhism is conceived as a philosophy rather than a religion. And it is all due to the hard realities that truly are a way of life. The religion stresses upon leading a moral life and to observe equality everywhere. It makes one aware of one's thoughts and deeds. It guides to learn from our actions and thereby attain wisdom. Buddhism serves a purpose to life and rejects inequality and injustice. The faith gives a code of life and if one follows it could ultimately lead to true happiness throughout one's life. The love of wisdom takes you to attain Niravana or the ultimate freedom.

Buddhism - One Solution To Many Problems
Buddhism is gaining more and more renown all across the globe. There are a number of reasons for it. The basic one is the fact that the religion has answers to the questions that the materialistic societies face today. Besides, Buddhism also offers solutions for a deep understanding of the human mind. There are even some natural therapies which have won acclaims by renowned psychologists around the world. The faith also adopts a scientific approach towards the adversities of life. Most importantly, Buddhism is not a specified package of beliefs that one needs to follow in all its entirety.

Buddha - The Man With A Vision
Lord BuddhaLord Buddha was not a god nor did he claim to be one. He was a man of experience and noble thoughts. He had clearly understood the hard realities of life and thus devoted himself to preach his philosophy of life to attain peace all throughout the life. Buddhists sometimes may be noticed paying homage to the image of lord Buddha. But it's not done as if to worship him. Nor do they ask for any favours. This is done just as a mark of respect for a man who experienced, understood and envisaged what other could not. The renowned Buddha posture, sitting with his hand rested gently in his lap and a compassionate smile across the face, conveys a message of peace and love to one and all.

Buddhism - The Basic Concept
Buddhism has been segregated into a number of sects. The emphasis varies from country to country owing to the customs and traditions that prevail there. Notwithstanding the divisions, the basic concept always remains the same - the dharma or the truth. Buddhism is also, at the same time, tolerant of all other beliefs and religions. This system of belief does agree with the moral principles of other religions. It, however, goes further and provides us with a long term purpose in life.

Anyone Is Welcome
Anyone is welcome to test and adopt the principles of Buddhism. Lord Budhha himself advised his disciples and followers not to take his words as the final say. He rather told them to experience these on their own and learn themselves. And it is this liberty of opinion that made Buddha so famous all over and established Buddhism as one of the most significant faiths in the world.

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